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Activities and places of interest

Casas das Olas guests can relax in the two pools that are at your disposal (click here to view photos), in the gardens surrounding the houses, take a walk by footpaths in an oak grove that goes to the waterfront (click here to see photos) and get to know the village and surrounding area. Casas das Olas are still a great place to read a good book or enjoy the board games that are available in all the houses.


Casas das Olas are at the gates of the Peneda-Geres National Park, where you can perform a number of activities in contact with nature, like riding trails, hiking - trekking, boating, fishing ...


In the heart of the Alto Minho with good accessibility, Casas das Olas are a great starting point to visit the most typical and well-preserved portuguese towns and small villages, as well as other sites, and even discover the traditional and delicious cuisine of this region.

You can find more information on recreation and leisure activities with the partner of Casas das Olas in Arcos de Valdevez (Nature 4).

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